Profile: USA Sevens' Deven Owsiany

(IRB.COM) Monday 26 November 2012
 Profile: USA Sevens' Deven Owsiany
All action: Deven Owsiany puts in the hard yards against England last season

Deven Owsiany has come along way since first playing rugby at college in the States and has been a part of the USA Women's Sevens side since 2010.

This season she has captained the side to and now hands the armband back to Vanesha McGee, who has recovered from injury to line up alongside her in Dubai. Here Owsiany answers our questions...

What was your first rugby experience?

Going to practice on a Sunday night from 10pm to midnight. A few weeks later I went on a rugby tour to Spain and France where we played a premier team and I have never woken up the morning after a game and been so sore in my life. For some reason or another I stuck around.

And your first match?

College, playing against a Spanish premier team in 2009. International, playing at the Vegas Sevens in 2010.

When did you know that rugby was what you wanted to do?

After the 2009 National Championship game I knew that I was in love with rugby and it suited me a lot better then playing soccer.

Rugby was just a lot of fun to play and the people and experiences I had within five months of playing were amazing.

What do you like to eat before a match?

Breakfast is my favourite meal so game days I usually have an egg white omelette with spinach and onions with a side of fruit, oatmeal and some coffee and water. Delicious!

Which part of training do you dread the most?

The walk to practice always makes me nervous. We never really know how challenging practices are going to be so I always anticipate a super hard practice unless otherwise told. Never know what Ric (Suggitt, our coach) has in store for us..

What do you like doing outside of rugby?

I enjoy going to the beach, hanging out with friends, listening to music, and having bonfires.

Who are your sporting idols?

Eric Snow. He was never a flashy player and always seemed to work hard on defence. He knew his role in the team and excelled at it.

What is your favourite sporting memory?

Walking in to our National Championship game singing 'Oh Happy Day' and then shortly after winning the national championship game with some of my best friends. Or getting home from Dubai and receiving an email asking if I would be a resident athlete :)

What are you most looking forward to on this year's Series?

I'm excited to have six of the same teams at four different events. It will give us a chance to play against some of the best teams and play some really great rugby.

Who do you think is going to win the first IRB Women's Sevens World Series?

It will be a tough battle. Whoever has a team that can stay healthy and play together is going to end up on top.


Round 2
14-15 Mar 2015

Venue: Fifth-Third Bank Stadium, Kennesaw State University
City: Atlanta
Capacity: 8500

Series Standings
1New ZealandNew Zealand96
  • USA - Plate Winners at the Atlanta Sevens
  • Netherlands - Bowl winners at Atlanta Sevens
  • New Zealand - Atlanta Sevens Winners