60 seconds with.. Canada's Magali Harvey

(IRB.COM) Wednesday 23 January 2013
 60 seconds with.. Canada's Magali Harvey
Magali Harvey in action for Canada's Sevens team

Magali Harvey was a key part of the Canada team that finished sixth at the opening round of the IRB Women's Sevens World Series in Dubai.

The Canadians beat China in their pool and drew with eventual champions New Zealand, but twice lost against the impressive Russians, including in the Plate final.

Ten days before the second round of the series on North American soil in Houston, Harvey answers our questions about her life so far in rugby..

1. What was your first rugby experience?

My first rugby experience was in grade 10. My school wanted to start a rugby team and I got pulled into it with all of my friends. It was dreadful! On my very first day I ended up with a bloody nose and a swollen lip!

2. And your first match?

My first match was also with my high school. I played winger and because everyone was afraid to get tackled, they would pass it off... Only I was last man and had no one to pass it to! I got smoked the very first play of the game, but I learned really fast how to avoid getting tackled and soon I was barely ever tackled.

3. When did you know that rugby was what you wanted to do?

For a good part of my life I was undecided between soccer and rugby. I played at a high level in both sports and just wasn't able to make a choice. Then I went on a tour with the Under 20 Canada team and saw what high level, challenging rugby was like. There was no looking back.
4. What do you like to eat before a match?

I really don't have a particular pre-game diet, but I would by far choose breakfast over lunch and supper.

5. Which part of training do you dread the most?

I usually dread conditioning practice the most. It's not that I'm unfit or anything, I just don't like running around a track! I would be the first one to do it if our conditioning consisted of running on the field while playing some sort of competitive rugby game.
6. What do you like doing outside of rugby?

When I'm back home in Quebec, I really enjoy spending time with my family. Especially my troublesome little brothers. If not, I really enjoy listening to music, reading and lately I've taken a liking to documentries.

7. Who are your sporting idols?

No word of a lie, my teammates are my idols. I see them working hard every day and it's what inspires me to also push myself.

8. What is your favourite sporting memory?

My favorite memory was probably playing for the Sevens team for the very first time (in 2010 in Las Vegas). We won the tournament but I cherish the memory mostly because being selected to play on the squad, with players I look up to, was like realizing a dream I'd fantasized about for so long. 

9. What are you most looking forward to on this year's Series?

Everything! Our team has so much talent and we just keep getting better. Last year was all about the process but this year, our base is much stronger and we can focus on more things. It will be exciting to see the results of all the hard work we've put during the off season.
10. Who do you think is going to win the first IRB Women's Sevens World Series?

Some might say I'm biaised, but I truly believe Canada has what it takes to win.


Round 2
14-15 Mar 2015

Venue: Fifth-Third Bank Stadium, Kennesaw State University
City: Atlanta
Capacity: 8500

Series Standings
1New ZealandNew Zealand96
  • USA - Plate Winners at the Atlanta Sevens
  • Netherlands - Bowl winners at Atlanta Sevens
  • New Zealand - Atlanta Sevens Winners